About Educational Reptile Displays

Educational Reptile Displays is a privately owned, Queensland based business run by Jonathan Lucas. Educational Reptile Displays was started over two years ago, and rapidly developed a reputation as one of the best providers of a range of different reptile based courses.

Apart from our famous courses, Educational Reptile Displays offers a host of other services. From media opportunities right up to Spotter/Catcher services and field consultancy, Educational Reptile Displays is able to cater for your needs.

(Pictured above: Sand Monitor Varanus gouldii, Hattah National Park, Victoria, This impressive adult male Sand Monitor was found during a survey of the Hattah area before the construction of the toxic waste dump. Over 40 species of reptiles were found in 4 days.)

Educational Reptile Displays provide a multitude of different services.

Educational Reptile Displays maintains a private collection of over 300 native animals. Our collection contains Pythons, Venomous Snakes, Colubrids (a family of snakes), File Snakes, Crocodiles, Freshwater Turtles, Skinks, Dragons, Monitors, Geckos, Legless Lizards, Birds and Mammals! Some of the rarer species kept include Speckled Brown Snakes and Perenties.