Educational Reptile Display Courses

We offer a wide range of courses. We specialise in conducting Venomous Snake Handling (Relocation) Courses for various industry based customers, including mining companies, construction companies, resorts and all other operations where staff are likely to encounter venomous snakes. We are able to travel anywhere within Australia or overseas. We also offer our Venomous Snake Handling (Relocation) Courses to private individuals.

We also offers several different types of reptile husbandry course. Whether you wish to learn the intricacies of keeping some of our beautiful geckos and other small lizards, or maybe learn the secrets of consistently breeding pythons, or you just want to learn how to properly care for your pet snake - we have a course that suits your needs! All our courses are fully catered, come with a detailed handbook and a certificate of completion - a great addition to your resume. All of our one day, in depth courses are co-hosted with well known, highly experienced keepers such as Danny Brown (geckos and small lizards) and Matt Bonnett (pythons).

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