Venomous Snake Husbandry Course

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Keeping venomous snakes in captivity may not be everybody's idea of something they would like to do, but for those of you who would, we have designed an in depth, definitive course that will teach you all the correct techniques you will need to know to do it safely!

Using our long term experience, which we have gained from working in various facilities and keeping our own private collections, we are able to instruct you how to properly handle elapids, with methods such as pre-cloaccal handling, head restraints, tubing, force feeding, enclosure design, breeding, incubation, raising and transporting.

Due to the in depth nature of this course, you must have previous verifiable experience with venomous snakes. If you don't, you can participate in our Venomous Snake Relocation Course which will give you all the necessary base knowledge you will need to complete this course.

We use a mixture of legally wild caught and captive bred venomous snakes, all of which have their venom delivery system in tact. Species used include Eastern Brown Snakes, Western Brown Snakes, Colletts Snakes, Mulga (King Brown) Snakes, Spotted Black Snakes, Red Belly Black Snakes, Inland Taipans, Coastal Taipans, Death Adders, Tiger Snakes and Yellow Faced Whip Snakes.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded two written references recommending that you be granted your permit to keep venomous snakes in captivity.

The course is fully catered, with coffee, tea and bottled water available throughout the day, and a fresh lunch consisting of sandwiches, fruits, cake, soft drink and juice provided.

Venomous Snake Husbandry Course Information

8 hours (1 day)
Maximum attendees
Minimum age
18 years old
Course Cost
$500 per person ($450 if you complete VSRC)
Next Course Date
December 12 2009
Future Course Dates
Course Location
Salisbury, Brisbane

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