Venomous Snake Relocation Course (Industry)

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Educational Reptile Displays specialises in delivering our Venomous Snake Handling (Relocation) Course to industry based customers. We have conducted these courses for construction companies, mines, resorts and engineering companies all over Queensland, and have a 100% safety record.

Our staff are highly experienced, having worked at some of the most prestigious facilities in Australia, including Venom Supplies (Australia's largest collection of venomous snakes), Australia Zoo and Australian Reptile Park. We emphasise safety at every level, teach "no contact" handling methods and supply all our own custom made snake handling equipment.

ERD is able to travel anywhere in Australia. Each situation varies, so our pricing is based on a job by job basis. For any further information, please contact us using the link below.

Previous companies we have conducted this course for include Xstrata Mines, Gold Coast Desalination Alliance, Arrow Energy, GHD, McConnell Dowell, Abigroup and Leightons Engineering.

We use a mixture of legally wild caught and captive bred venomous snakes, all of which have their venom delivery system in tact. Species used include Eastern Brown Snakes, Western Brown Snakes, Colletts Snakes, Mulga (King Brown) Snakes, Spotted Black Snakes, Red Belly Black Snakes, Inland Taipans, Coastal Taipans, Death Adders, Tiger Snakes and Yellow Faced Whip Snakes.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants are awarded two written references recommending that they be awarded their Damage Mitigation (snake catching) Permit.

Venomous Snake Relocation Course (Industry) Information

14 hours (two days)
Maximum attendees
Minimum age
18 years old
Certificate Awarded

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