Reptile Products

After years of using inferior snake handling equipment, we have designed and constructed their own superior, high quality products. All of our products are hand made in Australia, and are built to last. We are able to freight Australia wide.

(Pictured left: Mulga Snake (King Brown Snake), Pseudechis australis, Birdsville, Queensland. Yes, it's on the bar at the Birdsville Pub!)

Venomous Snake Handling Hooks $50 each

ERD's Venomous Snake Handling Hooks are built tough! The stainless steel hook is welded to the true-temper shaft by an X-ray qualified welder, and are guaranteed not to come free of the shaft for life. Our hooks come in 3 different lengths - 900mm, 1000mm and 1100mm. Lightweight, strong and reliable - the perfect hook for any snake handler!

Hoop Bags $65 each or $80 with ERD hoop

ERD's custom built hoop bags are designed with a flat edge to assist with guiding snakes into the bag. Made from strong, dark coloured material, the bag features reinforced velcro to hold it to the hoop, and double sewn corners so you can safely handle the bag. Available with or without ERD hoop.

Hoop Bags $65
Hoop Bags $80 with ERD hoop

Venomous Snake Relocation Handling Kits $195 each

The perfect kit for any snake catcher, it contains everything you need during the relocation process, in a purpose built heavy duty kit bag.

  • * 2 x ERD Snake Handling Hooks
  • * 2 x ERD Hoop Bags
  • * 1 x ERD Hoop
  • * 2 x Pressure Immobilisation Bandages
  • * 1 x ERD custom built kit bag